Oxford Dragway Back in Business for 2015
Great news for drag race fans around the state, Oxford Dragway will reopen this year. A preliminary drivers meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 1at 11 a.m. at Anderson-Staples Legion Hall, 121 King Street.
New track owner Jeff Shock and operations manager Crystal Lancaster made the announcement…
‘Untapped’ Mable Energy in a Bottle
Slopeside Syrup Company in Vermont is tapping into the energy drink market. It’s geared toward athletes like runners, skiers and anyone else involved in outdoor sports. It not your typical energy drink, it’s pure organic Vermont maple syrup in a bottle.
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
As the college football bowl games continue there have been some very good games. Minor bowls, yes, but good games none the less. There have been some close games and some upsets, if you can consider a 7-6 team beating and 8-5 team an upset. Here’s a look at the most recent bowl game…
Unity College Developes a New Athletic Logo
The Department of Athletics at Unity College has developed a new athletics logo keeping in mind it’s strong athletic traditions including championships and numerous athletic records. The logo is to represent all athletics, inter-collegiate and club sports, to develop a relationship b…

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