‘Untapped’ Mable Energy in a Bottle
Slopeside Syrup Company in Vermont is tapping into the energy drink market. It’s geared toward athletes like runners, skiers and anyone else involved in outdoor sports. It not your typical energy drink, it’s pure organic Vermont maple syrup in a bottle.
Aunt Jemima’s Family Sues Quaker Oats
On behalf of their family, the great-grandsons of the women who is the face of Aunt Jemima are suing PepsiCo and Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats are the makers of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and mixes and their grandmother has been the face of the company since 1935.
Some Canadians Think Their New Money Smells Like Maple Syrup
New plastic based Canadian money was introduced in November of 2011 and has now begun circulating around the country, and something seems strange about the new currency. Some Canadians seems to think it smells exactly like Canadian maple syrup. A newspaper tested the $100 bills by sniffing them and …