Maine Third Worst State to Make a Living
There have been a lot of top 10 lists lately from food to sightseeing to living. This list is going to take a look at the bottom of a list instead of the top. These are the 3 worst states to make a living and Maine is in there.
Taxes Returns a Little Slower in 2015
Due to government budget cuts at the IRS, you may have to wait a little longer for your tax return this year. This year as in past years, filing electronically will be your best and fastest way to get your return. Direct deposit into your checking account also speeds thing up.
Beanie Babies Billionaire Gets Two Years Probation for Tax Evasion
The billionaire behind the Beanie Babies craze was in Federal Court on tax evasion charges for stocking away $25 million in a Swiss bank account and hiding it from the IRS. Ty Warner is one the highest profile Americans to be brought up on charges for filing false tax returns which he did for at lea…

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