Sun Capital Wants To Buy Hostess
The news earlier this week that Hostess Brands, Inc. was closing and all of it's 18,500 workers would be losing their jobs was certainly bad news. Many Americans rushed to buy the last of the Twinkies, Suzy Q's and Ding Dongs off of store shelves. It looked like a part of Americana was fad…
Why Pay Thousands For Twinkies? Here’s The Recipe.
In the wake of the closing of Hostess, many are worried that they won't be able to get Twinkies, and driving the prices of the snack cakes up to absurd degrees on eBay.
Good thing the recipe is easy to find, if you're not made of money.
Biddeford Hostess Plant Part of National Strike
Biddeford, Maine's hostess plant is part of the nationwide strike by it's bakers union. The strike has lead to three permanent closings of it's bakeries. The closures in Seattle, St.Louis and Cincinnati will result in the loss of 627 jobs.