Road to Walmart in Waterville Under Construction
If you plan on being in Waterville today, be aware of a little construction going on from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. If you want to eat at Cappza's Pizza, get your game on at Game Stop, pick up that little box of hair color at Sally's Beauty Supplies, more salt for your water softener at Home Depot…
Anderson’s Act of Kindness Rewarded
Yesterday, we went shopping at Walmart in Waterville to get just a few things. This was around 4:45. The parking lot was light in cars so we thought we would have a quick trip in and out.
That was not the case.
Unfortunately, a trip that would have taken a half hour took an hour and and 45 minutes! BU…
Shaw’s Shelves Rewards Card
It looks like a price cutting battle is shaping up with the local supermarket giants. Shaw's announced this week that it is dropping its rewards card program and cutting prices on thousands of items.
Lewiston Man Finds Knife In Son’s Birthday Cake
Nathan Bibeau of Lewiston and his family were throwing a birthday party for their two year old son. It was time to blow out on the candles on the cake and cut the cake for all to enjoy. To the horror of Nathan, a knife was found in the store-bought cake.
Franklin County Chamber Of Commerce New Home In Walmart
The grand opening was held yesterday for the new home for the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce in its new office in front of the Walmart store in Farmington. Walmart manager Greg Patterson told the Lewsiton Sun-Journal that he approached the corporation's home office last year with the idea …