Some of the Most Shocking World Records
If you ever thought about breaking a world record, here’s your chance to see if you can measure-up to some these ‘shocking’ record. I don’t think I would try or be able to try to do any of these.
Gangnam Style Video Surpasses 2 Billion Views on YouTube
South Korean pop star Psy and his single and video for the song ‘Gangnam Style’ set a record on YouTube as the first video to pass the two billion view mark. It was uploaded in July of 2012 and in 17 months became the first video to reach the one billion view mark.
9 Year Old Banjo Player on Letterman
I saw this today and was absolutely AMAZED!!
They are a YouTube sensation! The 3 brothers have 2 albums:  'America's Music' and 'The Farthest Horizon'.
Check them out! The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys! It is composed of the Mizzone brothers: Jonny, Robbie and Tommy.
Girl Juggles Basketballs With Her Feet!
You know how some things just pop out at you when you are looking at Facebook?
Yup. This one was CRAZY!
I mean, who even thinks about trying to attempt this?
Apparently, some people have a lot of time on their hands....or feet!

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