I have worked at B-98.5 since August 2000 and that November was the first year of 'TANKSgiving' food drive with the Maine Army National Guard. This year could be the coldest 'TANKSgiving' week we've had. On Monday, we kicked things off and I was with the Maine Army National Guard at Shaw's in Waterville.

I would like to thank Specialist Justin Pinkham and Specialist Robert Buckmore, they manned the Shaw's location for 8 hours in the 35 degree cold and collected a large amount of food from the generous shoppers. During my two hour broadcast, I met Marie, who calls into the 'All Request Bee-stro' often. It's a great feeling to see families teaching their children to help others by donating food or money for our food drive. There are thousands of heart-warming stories and I'll be sharing more of them with you this week. Thanks for all our your help!