Now that the Red Sox are headed back to the World Series there are all types of story lines to go with the team, but here’s one you may not have heard. The Boston Red Sox are the ‘chosen’ team.  They are the official baseball team of Jewish people. It goes back to when Wade Boggs played for the Sox and drew the Jewish word chai in the batter’s box before he hit (it means life).

It goes back even further though, back to before WWll. Jewish players made a name for themselves on the Boston Red Sox, including Moe Berg. He was known as the 'spy catcher', he was a catcher and was also a spy. During WWll, he was a spy against the Germans after being a utility catcher for the Red Sox before the war and a Red Sox coach for two years. He retired from baseball in 1942.

When the war started in 1942, Berg was given a job with the office of inter-American Affairs and moved over to the Office of Strategic Affairs in 1943 (they were the frontrunner of the CIA). Berg was sent to Germany in 1944 to make an assessment of the Germans capability to manufacture a nuclear bomb; he decided they were not close. This is where he got the nickname ‘spy catcher’.

The Sox connect with Jewish people too because they are the team of Exile and Redemption, with their epic disasters and return to greatness when they won the World Series. The Jewish people are the great underdogs of history, just like the Red Sox were.