Getty Images, photo by Justin A. Aller

Every baseball season, the teams and their fans go into the season with a fresh start from the year before. This year as we approach the All Star break, there are some teams and their fans that can say, this ‘is’ a better year.

The Boston Red Sox lead their division (as of this writing) by 5 games over  the New York Yankees; this is after missing the playoffs for three seasons. The Tampa Bay Rays are tied with Baltimore at 5.5 games behind the Red Sox, and the Rays had a terrible season last year.

In the National League, the big surprise is the Pittsburgh Pirates; they have the best record in the NL and are only one game off the pace for the league with the Red Sox. It’s been 20 plus years since the Pirates have made the playoffs.

There’s still a lot of baseball to be played after the All Star break, but for some teams, this year, they still have a chance.