Getty Images, photo by DAJ

Each year in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee, they hold a salmon fishing derby with first prize being $12,500. There have been rumors for years that some of the winners didn’t catch their salmon in the lake. This year organizers have made little change in the rules.

While there have been no cheaters caught, the rumors still persist, so the winner of the salmon challenge will have to take a lie detector test this year to prove they caught their winning salmon in Lake Winnipesaukee. When money is involved, especially that much, there is always a risk of cheating, so to make sure fisherman aren’t telling the ‘big fish story’, they will be subjected to a polygraph test. The salmon tournament is usually won by a fish in the 5 pound range, but the largest landlocked salmon caught by a A.J’s Bait and Tackle owner A.J. Nute was a 10 pounder, which he describes as a ‘once in a lifetime’ catch.