You may have heard the names before,  Joey ‘jaws’ Chestnut, Takeru Kobyayashi or the ‘Black Widow’ Sonja Thomas, they are all professional eaters.  They don’t make enough money winning eating contests to make a living so pro eaters do have other jobs. If you have ever thought about entering an eating competition or becoming a professional, there are some things you can do to increase your chance of winning. Here are 5 tips to help you become a professional eater.  First,’ lose weight’…this may not sound correct but it’s the skinny guys that have an easier time with digestion. Sonya Thomas only weighs 110 lbs.

Next, 'don’t starve yourself’ before a competition. Eating on an empty stomach is not a good idea because your stomach will shrink and you’ll eat less, Chestnut says to eat in moderation as part of your training. Third, ‘stretch your stomach’ just like you would stretch a muscle before jogging or excising. Before a competition, do some crunches or basic stomach stretches. Number two sounds weird but it is necessary, ‘learn rhythmic breathing through your nose’. As you’re shoving food down your throat you’ll have to breathe through your nose. Last, ‘talk to you doctor’; this is the most important because in any sport, injuries can happen. You have to make sure you’re clear of any heart or digestive issues so you don’t keel-over with a mouth full of hot dogs. Good luck on breaking Chestnuts world record, 66 hotdogs (and buns) in 12 minutes.