The small town of Bingham, Maine is known for being halfway between the equator and the North Pole, saw two fires, two hours apart this past Saturday night. The town garage and Here's The Scoop Ice Cream shop were both heavily damaged by fire.Sgt. Joel Davis, of the State Fire Marshal's Office, tells the Morning Sentinel, that 'because the fires were started within two hours of each other, investigators think they were started by the same person.' Davis adds that four fire investigators worked throughout Saturday night to rule out accidental causes for the fires and have established that they were the work of an arsonist.

The town garage was destroyed, as were most of the town's public works vehicles. With total damages around $500,000. A tractor,sewage tank truck, a trailer, a plow truck and a bucket loader were destroyed.

The ice cream shop, Here's the Scoop, saw vast interior damage

Davis said the investigators are pursuing leads and conducting interviews. No one was hurt in either fire.