Getty Images, photo by NASA

Two State Representatives, Eddie Bernice Johnson, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Space, Science and Technology, and Donna Edwards the top Democrat on the House Subcommittee on Space, filed a bill this week to make a National Park on the moon.

The new national park site would be section of the moon where the Apollo lunar landings took place. They feel it is an historic area that needs to be preserved as enterprises and foreign countries come closer to having the capability to land on the moon.

The bill is called the ‘Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act’ and would make the landing sites a National Park with visitor centers and administrative buildings so as to provide public access (hopefully there will be a bathroom). The moon is a un-ownership property according to the international Outer Space Treaty signed by 101 other countries in 1967, but since the artifacts on the moon are U.S. property and the footprints are from a U.S. citizen, the claim of sovereignty by means of use or occupation may be in effect.