Mandeville and St. Paul’s High schools in Louisiana were playing a football game on Friday night when the game had to stop because the two officials referring the game were arrested. They didn’t have criminal records. They were arrested for what police called ‘public intimidation’.

One of the refs asked the officer to move the crowd back from the sidelines to give more room for players on the field, so the office moved them back. The other ref then told the officer ‘that’s not far enough’. That’s when the policeman told the ref ‘you referee the game, we’ll handle crowd control’. That’s when an argument broke out and the ref attempted to remove the officer from the game saying ‘you’re out of the game, get out of here’.

The officer’s patience ran thin and, in the middle of the third quarter, the two refs were escorted off the field and into the squad cars. The arrests caused a 25 minute delay but the game did continue.

St Paul’s won the game of undefeated schools, 48-14.