With vacation time on the horizon you may be thinking about something a little different or unusual.  A place to lay your head where you say, “I stayed there’. Here are some off the strangest hotels in the world.

In Cottonwood, Idaho you can stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn, a beagle themed bed and breakfast where the bedroom is in the head of giant dog and the toilet is disguised as a fire hydrant.

In Key Largo, Florida there is the Jules Underwater Lodge.  To get to this hotel you dive 21 feet under the sea and enter through the floor. It in a tropical lagoon so there is lots of seas life.

The Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast is in Farmington, New Hampshire. A one bedroom cave home 100 feet underground.

These unusual hotels are the ones in America but there are many around the world to consider from a place in the middle of a shopping center in Stockholm, Sweden to a hotel made entirely out of salt blocks in Satar de Uyuni, Bolivia. If you are into the unusual there are 18 here to look at.

Happy vacationing.