What would be a woman’s perfect day? According to a study of 900 women, the perfect day would include more romance and less work. The average age of women in the survey was 38 years old and scientist wanted to know their daily routine and how they feel about it. Number one on a woman’s wish list was 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep followed by 106 minutes of romance and 82 minutes of socializing. The survey wanted to know what women would want in their day if could be ‘the perfect day’.

In the Journal of Economic Psychology, they found after sleep, romance and socializing, women want 98 minutes a day on the computer, relaxing for at least 78 minutes a day, eating came in at 75 minutes, exercise for 68 minutes, have 57 minutes for shopping and 56 minutes for talking on the phone. Most women put in an 8 hour work days, but on the wish list for the perfect day, 36 minutes of work would be enough. Most women also agreed, commuting to work is problem and if they could have a perfect day, that would be cut to 33 minutes a day.