It has happened, almost a year of living 3,000 miles away from my hometown in a state I knew nothing about. Lets go over things i've learned about the great state of Maine.

1. One area code for the state- This BLEW my mind, in San Diego County alone, there are 3: 760, 619, and 858, with talks of adding a 4th. The fact that Maine only needs one is crazy for me to think about.

2. Geography- Not only is Maine the closest state to Africa, it is also North of Toronto. Crazy to think about.

3. The heat is by far worse than the cold- Everyone and their mother warned me about the winter in Maine, well no one bothered to say "hey, the summer is humid and miserable too! But I survived, and ate too much ice cream.

4. New England is NOT a city in Massachusetts- I know, i know, I'm nuts, but I honestly believed that until I moved here.

5. Maine has a desert!- Did you know that? Probably, but I did not. That is actually very cool to me.

6. Portland, Oregon is actually named after Portland, Maine- In retrospect, this one should have been fairly obvious....

7. Maine was the first state to ban alcohol in prohibition- Good thing that ended.

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