Every morning, for 37 years Mainers have been listening to The Captain, Herb Ivy.

One of the great legacies of our New England Patriots and The Captain is giving back to the community. We want to recognize our youth who are doing great things every day. The Captain wants to highlight the kids who are making a difference in Central Maine.

Throughout the fall on B98.5, The Captain will air promotional commercials asking the Central Maine community for nominations of anyone 12-19 who are helping in their community. They can be stars in the classroom, sports fields, 4-H, or any youth organization.

The winner will be featured on B98.5 for an entire week, and The Captain will join them in their community activity. If they volunteer reading to kids, or visiting the elderly, or helping at a food pantry, The Captain will join them and recognize their efforts.

All you have to do now is fill out the nomination form!

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