If you ask 100 Mainers, or regular visitors to Maine, what their favorite Maine town or city is, you will probably get 100 different answers.  Of course, at least one or two will say Portland (because of the old port) or South Portland (that's where the mall is), but there is so much more to the state.

We've got mountains to the west, a rock coastline to the east, potato farms to the north, and some sandy beaches to the south.  And, in those very different regions, there are dozens of cool, unique, towns and cities.

Since we want to help you find new places to visit this year, we've put together a list of 11 towns and cities you should visit, or at least drive through, in 2022.

11 Cool Maine Towns You Need To Visit In 2022

Maine is a state that has so much to offer. So this year, visit somewhere new!

So, of our picks for this year, which is your favorite?  Maybe you love the beaches and bars of Old Orchard Beach, the old school seaside village feel of Camden, the amusement parks of Saco, the culture and festivals of Lewiston, the nightlife of Boothbay Harbor, the skiing of Newry, or the salt of the earth people of Houlton?  Which is your favorite and why?

Also, what other towns need to be on our list?

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