When the weather turns bad and the wind starts to howl, most people hunker down in their homes and wait for things to calm down outside. Others, however, like our local first responders, turn the other way and head out into the elements.

This is New England, a place where stories of local heroism are almost commonplace. Home to some of, no, home to THE bravest men and women this side of the Mississippi, New Englanders, especially our first responders, are a different breed.

Take yesterday for example. As a literal nor'easter raged on and many New Englanders were tucked inside their warm homes waiting for the blowing cold and snow to pass, firefighters and police officers from several states were busy with call after call.

One of those calls ended up being extra scary. Firefighters, along with 3 police officers, got dispatched to the scene of a fallen tree that had landed on a child in the town of Derry, New Hampshire.

When officials arrived on the scene, they found that a child had been playing in the yard while their parent had been clearing the snow from the car. During that time, a tree in the yard had come down and pinned the child underneath.

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