The Trek Across Maine is this weekend and with summer just beginning, we'll all be seeing more cyclists on the road. Here are the 5 Commandments all motorists should know when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists.

5. Thou shalt not crowd the cyclist-Seriously you're in a giant metal killing machine. Give the spandex-laden bikers some room, man! Maine law requires at least three feet when passing.

4. Thou shalt look both ways before opening doors-It's Maine, half the time we park it's on the side of the road of a quaint picturesque town. Imagine enjoying the said town while on a bike and BAM! A door suddenly appears. Spoiler alert: it won't end well for the gal on the Huffy. It takes two seconds to look!

3. Thou shalt make good choices when passing-The double yellow lines aren't "Bible" as the Kardashians say. If you can see there's no oncoming traffic, feel free to pass a cyclist. Maine law gives you the green light for your best judgment here!

2. Thou shalt make good choices when turning-This should go without saying but don't turn right in front of a cyclist. Again, you drive a giant metal killing machine. Take a second and save a life.

1. Thou shalt refrain from unnecessary honking-Bruhhhh. Stop. Just don't. Excessive honking is the weirdest flex ever. Bikers could be chillin', ridin', in their own world and then you, Henry, feel like they're in the way of your Hemi, and you lay on the horn. Do you really want to scare the bejeebers out of Chad? Don't be like Henry. Not to mention it's against the law to act like this.

That about sums it up! Get the full refresh on Maine laws regarding bicyclists and motorists here. Good luck to all those participating in The Trek Across Maine!

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