Maine gets its fair share of the spotlight in TV shows, but that's often because they are based off the works of Maine author Stephen King. As we Mainers know, our favorite resident author tends to feature Maine in his novels, either through locations or references to something Maine.

But putting Stephen King TV series like The Dead Zone, The Mist, Storm of the Century, Castle Rock and 11/22/63 aside, here are eight other other popular and not-so-popular TV shows that are set in Maine.

For this list, I'm ignoring reality TV shows that take place in Maine like Down East Dickering and North Woods Law. The ones on this list are shows set in Maine and are all works of fiction. Some of the Maine towns in these shows are real, others are made up. It's just a shame that none of the programs on the list were actually filmed here in Maine.

8 TV Shows That Take Place in Maine And Aren't From Stephen King

Gallery Credit: Jeff Parsons

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