Hailey Dawson is an 8 year old from Las Vegas Nevada and she was born with Poland's Disease, a disease that prevented the growth of her right hand leaving her with just 2 fingers. Hailey loves baseball more than anything in the world and has made it her mission to throw out the first pitch at every Major League Stadium in the country. As of the 25th of June, she has pitched at 16 out of 30.

When her mom was told that Hailey could be fitted with a custom arm when she's older, she found out those arms could reach prices as high as $25,000. She sought out some other options, which lead her to the University of Nevada Las Vegas' Engineering Department. They made Hailey a custom fitted robotic hand able to grip and throw the baseball. She fitted the hand with custom designs them for each time she pitches for a new team. She will pitch at the Boston Red Sox game on July 12.

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