These are some of the stories central Maine is talking about today.

Gas prices have risen nearly a penny in Maine in the past week. The average cost of a gallon of gas in Maine is $2.65. Maine gas prices are 21.1 cents per gallon higher compared to a month ago, and about $1.02 lower per gallon than at this time last year. The price per gallon in Maine is 6 cents lower than the national average. The Maine price is based on a survey of more than 1,200 gas stations. (AP)

OnProcess Technology is coming to Belfast and bringing up to 350 new jobs at their new service delivery center. They'll be moving into the former MBNA facility. According to WGME the city was able to receive a community development block grant of $800,000. Belfast Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge says they weren't hurting for jobs in the area but they're always looking to bring in more. The company will be in Belfast this Wednesday and Thursday to host a job fair at the Hutchinson Center. They're looking to immediately fill 50 of those 350 positions.(WGME)

The public library in Winthrop is renovated and expanded but budget cuts could mean it’s only open half the time. According to WGME the cuts will cause reductions in library hours, staffing, and programming. The staff says the cuts would be happening during what is supposed to be a very special time because a $1 million expansion, paid for mostly by private donations, is set to open June 1. In a preliminary vote, the council voted to cut the budget by only $6,000. Council members said the addition was approved under the understanding it wouldn't cost the tax payers anything extra. (WGME)

State Police have started their "Click it or Ticket" campaign. Police say they're going to have extra sets of eyes out trying to spot people who aren't wearing seatbelts. According to WGME Maine's Bureau of Highway Safety, State Police and about 50 other police departments statewide say they'll be cracking down on seatbelt violators over the next two weeks. Officials say over the last five years nearly 250 people who weren't wearing seatbelt were killed in crashes. (WGME)

Waterville is planning another forum on the pay as you throw trash system on Wednesday at The Center at 7pm.  City officials have a plan to hopefully increase the use of the recycling system. According to the KJ, a special referendum is scheduled for June 9 so residents can vote on whether to keep or repeal pay-as-you-throw. When city councilors voted last year to include system in the city’s $37.2 million budget, they did so with the stipulation that residents would be able to decide this year whether to continue the program. (

Federal officials have been analyzing a crack on the windshield of the Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia last week. Investigators say they're not sure if something struck the windshield before the train derailed, but it wasn't a gunshot. Eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured. The assistant conductor said she had heard the engineer of a regional train say he'd been "hit by a rock or shot at" and she also thought she heard the Amtrak engineer say his train had been struck. The regional train engineer recalled no such conversation. (AP)

Police in Waco, Texas, say they're ready to confront any more violence involving rival motorcycle gangs following Sunday's clash at a local restaurant that left nine people dead and 18 wounded. Police say authorities received threats from biker groups after the shooting. Meanwhile, 170 bikers have been charged with engaging in organized crime and their bail is set at $1 million each. (AP)