It's the American Idol Final Four part two, after Ryan Seacrest announced that none of the four contestants would leave last week. Votes from last week will be combined from votes from this week and the person with the lowest amount of votes leaving the show. Let's recap last night.Each contestant sang two songs. The first song is from 2013 and the second song is a 'standard'. Harry Connick Jr. mentored the final four last night, and the guy is funny, sign him up to be a judge next season!

Round One: (Songs from 2013)

1. Angie Miller: Angie sang 'Diamonds' by Rihanna. Angie gave a somewhat unplugged version of the song, performing on the piano. It worked for the most part. I found her voice haunting and piercing. I do agree with the judges, who pointed out that her arrangement of the song didn't let the song take off. B

2. Amber Holcomb: Amber sang 'Just Give Me A Reason' by Pink. This seemed to be a tough song to sing. It was very wordy and didn't give Amber the room to flex her vocal chops. She seemed tense and nervous and it affected her vocal performance. This could have been her worst performance of the season. C

3. Candice Glover: Candice made an interesting choice and sang the Bruno Mars song 'When I Was Your Man' and she didn't change the gender in the song when she sang it. She brought her usually powerhouse vocals and made it work. It was very good but not great. B+

4. Kree Harrison: Kree chose to sing Carrie Underwood's new single 'See You Again'. I loved her vocals, they were sincere, crystal clear and filled with emotion. I do agree with Keith Urban, who pointed out that Kree sitting and singing with a guitar player, while a full band played out of sight of the stage, made the performance seem a little disconnected. A

Round Two: (Standards)

1. Angie Miller: 'Someone To Watch Over Me'  It was a song that Angie's mom sang around the house while she was growing up. Cue the camera to Angie's mom in the crowd. She gave a solid performance. Angie tends to over-perform sometimes. Angie's performance could have been a scene from the NBC show 'Smash'. B

2. Amber Holcomb: 'My Funny Valentine' . Harry Connick Jr. put Amber on the spot by asking her what the lyrics of the song meant. It was kind of awkward to see Amber interact with him. Amber sang this song earlier in the competition, and she sang it well the first time and sang it very well last night. It was classy and elegant. Amber ended up crying at the end. A-

3. Candice Glover: 'You've Changed' This was the best vocal of the night. Candice combined her usually church-infusion powerhouse vocals and added some crazy range and displayed amazing vocal control. Well done! A+

4. Kree Harrison: 'Stormy Weather' This performance ended up with Harry Connick Jr. and Randy Jackson arguing about Harry's mentoring of Kree. Back to Kree's singing, I heard some Patsy Cline in that performance, which is a good thing! Kree sang it well and better than most of the judges gave her credit for. A-

Going into the week, we know that Angie and Kree had the most votes and Candice and Amber had received the lowest amount of votes. Last weeks vote totals will be combined with last night's votes.

I am guessing that Angie and Kree will remain the top two and that Amber will be leaving.

I do want to say that these final four all excellent and good be the best final four ever on American Idol.