I always take a vacation in the summer and for the most part, I would just hang around the house, BBQ, maybe a quick trip to Old Orchard Beach. However, about 7 or 8 years ago, I was determined to do something big on my summer vacation week. I investigated on what to do and found a great baseball trip. It was a trip offered by Alpine Adventure Tours of Auburn. A baseball trip to Philadelphia to see the Red Sox and Phillies.

The trip would leave from Auburn on a Friday morning and arrive in Philadelphia late that afternoon. It included 2-nights lodging at the Holiday Inn that was located 5 minutes from Citizens Bank Park. Tickets to the Phillies and Red Sox for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, with the bus leaving right after the Sunday afternoon game. The bus trip down was fun, I remember my best friend Alan Nickerson Jr and I playing 'punch buggy' from Maine until Massachusetts! We played bingo on the bus and even though it was a solid 13 hour trip, I had a blast!

We arrive in Philadelphia around 6 that evening and we checked into the hotel and Friday night we were on our own. Some of the people on the trip bought tickets and went to Friday night's game, Alan and I took the subway downtown and lived the nightlife! Alan was a pro on the subway, knowing when to transfer, which stop to get off, I would have been lost for sure! We found a great Irish Bar and hungout there for most of that night, I had fun, in fact I was asking people for their ID's when they were entering the bar! We had all day Saturday to explore Philadelphia before the game at 7pm, so we did the tourist stuff and saw the Liberty Bell and explored the restaurants and shops of Philly. Then the ballgame, I don't remember who won or lost, I do remember that Citizen's Bank Park was amazing! Not a bad seat in the place and the food and games they had within the ballpark were incredible. Best Philly Cheesesteak ever!

Before you knew it, it was time to head back to Maine. The bus ride back was not as much fun, as we arrived back around 4 am, but I still had the whole week off from work! This trip was before the big gas price increases and the trip cost around $350 for the ride, hotel and baseball tickets. I also spent about $200 while we were there. We did the trip to Philly with another friend the year after and I've also done a baseball trip to New York and Baltimore. But that first year in Philly was fantastic!

Enjoy this clip of baseball's best mascot, the Philly Phanatic!