I was looking for the solar eclipse here in Maine, but I never noticed it.

I was ready too…I had the eclipse glasses and kept looking toward the sun but I never  saw anything.

The next solar eclipse will be over Maine on April 8th, 2024. It will stretch from Texas to Maine and will give us a much better look as the moon comes between the sun and earth.

So what do you do with the solar eclipse glasses you have? Do they expire? The answer is pretty simple. There are 12 eclipse glasses makers that meet requirements of NASA and those glasses are good forever. Wcsh6.com says make sure you put them in a safe place though because if they are scratched or torn you’ll have to throw them away.

If you bought a cheap pair from someone not meeting the requirements, throw them away. Buy a pair that NASA recommends and you’ll be all set for 2024.

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