Have you ever wanted the opportunity to speak to a loved one from beyond the grave?  Need to ask Grandpa where he left his favorite belt buckle?  Need to verify that missing ingredient from Grandma's famous recipe?  Well...spirit reading doesn't quite work like that...but it is still intriguing and truly something to experience.  

B98.5 is bringing psychic, medium & paranormal investigator, Eddita Felt to the Bee Studios on Saturday, October 27th.  We are giving 5 lucky listeners the opportunity to come in and have a personal 30 minute reading.

It will be emotional, so bring tissues.  I had to opportunity to have a reading, just over a  year ago.  I ugly cried.  Personally, I have not been able to watch my reading since it was done.  Eddita is very good at what she does.  Watch my reading:

How can you get in on this?  Starting next week, October 22nd - October 24th, we will be giving away 1 reading during each Morning Buzz.  We will give away a reading on our Facebook page, October 25th.  Good Luck!

You can schedule your own, private, reading with Eddita Felt by clicking here or contacting her on Facebook

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