With "Songbird," country fans are hearing a celebrated newcomer try to figure out her path in realtime. A just-released music video for Bailey Bryan's newest song is as vulnerable as it is honest.

"Oh Lord, I don't have the answers / I am just a wanderer / Trying to find my place / Oh Lord, I don't have the answer / I am just a songbird / Trying to find my way," Bryan sings at each chorus. It's as relevant of a lyric as you'll hear in 2018 and 2019, with the resonance only topped by the sweetness of the loping melody.

Michael Hardy and Dennis Matkosky helped the 20-year-old Bryan write "Songbird" for an upcoming EP. The Washington-raised singer burst onto the radar in early 2017 with "Own It," but since then has been quietly, nervously planning her next career move. There were days and nights full of doubts. Talking to Taste of Country and other media during a premiere event this week, she admitted she considered whether chasing this dream was even the right move for her.

The chorus of "Songbird" came early and easy, she says, but it took an emotional living room floor writing session to hash out the rest. Blythe Thomas directed the music video, but Bryan had her hands all over the concept, much like she did production of her EP. Most striking is the shower scenes — that's where Bryan goes to reflect, break down and make decisions. "For me, it's an escape," she says.

There is no official release date for the EP. It follows her 2017 EP So Far, a project that didn't shy away from Bryan's physical and emotional scars.

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