OK, Dave Portnoy FINALLY made his way to Vacationland to do a long-awaited pizza review for the first time ever.

One bite, everybody knows the rule.

Dave took one bit of Monte's pizza in Portland, Maine, and actually gave it a pretty damn good score.

He gave it an 8.4. He's usually stubborn as all hell with his ratings, so this video is wild for him.

Can we talk about the clout Monte's in Portland must have gotten from this? Hell yea. I mean, this place has been my go-to for quite some time, so they definitely deserve it.

I mean, friggin' look at the "undercarriage" (Dave's words not mine).

Can we also acknowledge Dave saying his ex-girlfriend is from Auburn or Lewiston? Guy didn't even know where his former Maine piece was from. I can feel a really bad joke coming on...

Anyway, here's a bunch of comments from Mainers under this review. I literally think everybody on my timeline from Maine shared this review and went absolutely bonkers over it.


One Bite Dave Portnoy
One Bite Dave Portnoy

I'm really glad he was so positive about this place, because he really had the power in his own two little pizza hands to ruin this place's reputation. However, I love Monte's, so good work over there.

He did reportedly stop at some other Maine spots, so I'll be on the lookout for those reviews when he drops 'em. I'm ready for it. Are you?

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