The Bee A Country Star finals are on Saturday, June 25th at Capitol Park in Augusta. Our show will start at 11 in the morning. The winner will walk away with $500 in cash! We'll also have cash prizes for second and third place.

New this year is our fan favorite voting.

Those contestants that submitted their entry via a YouTube link have been posted (per our  published contest rules, only YouTube entries will be considered for this Fan Favorite contest) Watch them and vote for your favorite. The winner will get a $150 Springer's Jewelers gift card, to be awarded at the end of our show!

Here are our contestants that submitted a YouTube link. Watch the videos and then vote for your favorite below.

Jocelyn Begin

Jessi McKinnon

Harold Marr

Nyssa Rose Damon

Adam Lamson

Bob Warnock

Travis Pinkham

Mark Gentle

Matt Dudley

Melissa Mann

Connie Fletcher

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