It's all about the Benjamins in the month of November! The Bee Big Bucks Blowout is back with your chance to win $1,000 twice each weekday all month long! Enter this toll-free phone number into your phone, 1-877-754-9467 and be caller 25 nationwide to win $1,000.


Here's the help on how to win. The Morning Buzz with McCoy & Dyer, will tell you at 7:20, which hours that we will play the cue to call to win $1,000!

Get even more help right here at our website, find out within the half hour of when you can win, just click here.

Here's the list of upcoming call times!

  • Monday, November 28, between 5:30-6PM
  • Tuesday,. November 29, between 9-9:30AM and 3:30-3:45PM
  • Wednesday, November 30, between 11-11:30AM and 6:30-7PM

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