Being single on Valentine’s Day is not so bad because being single on that day means you’re single the rest of the year too. YEAH!

There are suggestions as to what you can do on Valentine’s Day to keep you busy. Here are some suggestions from (Honestly, sitting at home just watching T.V. would be fine with me).


Do a good deed and babysit for a couple that want to go out for the night. (lame)



Hold a makeup party for your friends and turn it into a gift exchange. (while I look good in makeup, I don’t use it very much)


Watch Netflix (o.k.)


Don’t wait for someone else to buy you a gift, but one for yourself. (vacation to a single s resort)


Buy the most over-the-top pair of stilettos you can find. (as you can see this is a list more for women than men)


Go camping with your nieces and nephews or your friends' kids and tell them about life before Facebook. (try to convince them there WAS life before Facebook)


Surprise your grandparents. (make sure you don’t walk in on them, they are celebrating Valentine’s Day)


Write a love letter to yourself. (oh please)


If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is just another day. Enjoy it, be lazy, rest, relax and how great it is to single the rest of the year.

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