After 47 years in television broadcasting, Bill Green is calling it quits.

According to WCSH 6, Green started working at Bangor's WLBZ in 1972, while he was still attending UMO full time.  For the last couple decades, he has been sharing the lesser known stories of the Pine Tree State in "Bill Green's Maine".

As for why he is retiring, he says because "It's time."

While he still enjoys "the grind" of being on the road, cruising up and down the '95, eating gas station pizza, adventuring, and sleeping on the ground, sometimes he just wants to go home at the end of the day.

Apparently, it hit him last winter, when he was doing a story about ice climbing.  Knowing he was supposed to go to a family dinner that afternoon, he was extra cautious about climbing back down the "face".  His guide complimented his technique.  And, it dawned on him that him (an older gentlemen) inching his way down an ice cliff did not make for a very good story.

Plans for his retirement include spending more time with his family.

His last TV appearance will be on November 22nd

Check out his highlights reel:

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