I love this idea. I love ideas that really help people and are do-able. This is such situation. Being without a home is hard. Everything about it is hard. So, the Bread of Life Ministries wishes to create a culture of dignity and hope, and respect for their clients. The shelter is well used and as a result NEEDS a face lift. So, they have a great plan.

They are asking the community for help by way of gathering together and pledging to completely re-do a room or provide needed items for use to re-do the rooms. The Bread of Life Ministries Homeless Shelter has 8 rooms, 3 common areas, 4 bathrooms, and 2 offices in need of revitalization. Bread of Life Ministries estimate that the cost on average to revitalize a whole room to be $2,000.They need your help. And that help can come in many forms.

You or your business, group can Adopt-A-Room for a complete makeover, you can donate a smaller part of makeover project (bureau, a bunk bed, lamps or some paint for the walls or even curtains) AND of course, monetary donations, and the donation of time are welcome, too. If you have time to donate to this effort, that can very valuable as well. Bottom line, to make this happen they need the help of the Augusta area community. They NEED you! Bread of Life would not exist without the help of the Augusta community.

Donations can be accepted at Bread of Life Ministries Administrative Office, 157 Water Street, Augusta, ME 04330. Their number is 626-3434 or email to  breadoflife@mainebreadoflife.org