Most people, unless they have issues, are not big fans of the idea of breaking up.  But, of course, it does happen.

Regardless of the length of the relationship, some relationships end amicably.  You both decided the relationship has run its course and you go your separate ways.

However, there are times when things end...  poorly.  In these cases, you may feel the need to take some kind of revenge, even if the target of your annoyance (anger?) never finds out about it.

For those times, a pet store in Waterville has the perfect opportunity for you!

According to the KJ, Fish Tails Pet Emporium is allowing jilted lovers to buy a cockroach, name it after their ex, then feed it to a monitor lizard named Brutus.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Buying a cockroach costs $6.99 and all of the proceeds from the roach sales goes to support the Humane Society Waterville Area.

As of Wednesday morning, Alley said Brutus had already eaten 21 cockroaches bought by 19 people.  There is still time for your to get involved.  The promotion runs through Monday.

If you have been lucky in love and do not have a roach you want to name after an ex, but still want to make a donation to the local animal shelter, you can do that by visiting their website.  Apparently, they are in desperate need of cat food right now.  You can find the Humane Society of Waterville Area's website HERE.

If you want to make a donation to the Augusta-area shelter, you can find the KV Humane Society HERE

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