After what seemed like endless rain storms, we are finally getting some summer-like weather here in Central Maine.  Actually, in a lot of ways, it feels like we have seen a complete 180 degree flip with our weather.

Over the last week, it has gradually gotten warmer and warmer.  Now, Central Maine is getting a taste of the tropics!  Okay, maybe not that warm, but it is going to be hotter than we are used to.

According to the National Weather Service and WGME, much of Central Maine will see highs in the lower 90s throughout the day on Thursday.  Additionally, it is going to be quite humid, too.

With all of that humidity, it is going to feel even hotter.  In some areas, it will feel like it is nearly 100 degrees!

Of course, when we get weather like this we all need to take appropriate precautions.  Stay in the shade as much as possible and do your best to stay hydrated, too.  And no, beer doesn't count!

Also, please keep an eye on our vulnerable loved ones.  Keep an eye on our smaller children and frequently check on our elderly friends and family members.

The temp is expected to drop over the next few days.  Also, we are expecting showers and thunderstorms on Friday.  The rain will cause the temperatures to drop even more.

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