The Summer of Rain continues here in Maine.

According to the meteorology team at Portland's WGME TV, there is a good chance that much of Maine could see some pretty severe storms today (August 18th)

The storms are expected to enter the state in Southern Maine in the late morning.  They'll reach Central Maine by just after noon.

These storms are expected to bring downpours and strong, possibly damaging, winds.


Of course, with the downpours, there is also the chance that some areas could see some pretty bad flooding.  If you encounter flooding on a road or street, do not try to cross the water.  You really have no way of knowing how deep it is.  Even though it may look like it is only a few inches deep, it could be much deeper.

The article goes on to explain that we could see a second banks of storms roll through the state in the early evening.  However, these storms will be much less severe.

And, it looks like the weather for Saturday and Sunday is going to be great.  Here in Central Maine, we'll see mostly sunny skies with highs in the upper 70s or lower 80s.  On the coast, of course, it will be a little cooler, but still be great weather.

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