Even though the price of gas is nowhere near as high as it was during the summer of 2022, most of us still cringe when we say how much we are paying to completely fill our gas tanks.

That's why so many of us keep an eye out for cheap gas prices.

There are a few places where, if you have the right membership, you can save a nickel or dime per gallon, but we really want to know about the places where you can get cheap gas with no strings attached.

According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gas in the state can be found at the Dysart's gas station on Main Road in Holden.

As of January 22, the price for a gallon of regular gasoline at the convenience store was listed as $2.89.  The one catch seems to be that, in order to get the deal, you need to pay for it in cash.

Diesel users can get a gallon of diesel fuel at the same store for $4.83.

Erik McClean / Unsplash
Erik McClean / Unsplash

Why is Maine so in love with Dysart's?

While the company does have a handful of stand-alone gas stations like the one we mentioned above, most people know Dysart's as an iconic truck stop.

According to the Dysart's website, Dave & Irene Dysart opened the now iconic restaurant in 1967.

The site explains that they spent months planning the menu.  It says, in part:

There, the steady menu consisted of beans three times a day. The cook prepared and the men consumed bushels of cookies, potatoes, pies, bread, and gallons of coffee. Dave knew if he could bring the essence of a Northern Maine woods camp to Bangor, the truck drivers would be happy. He searched for the best “Camp Cook” until he found Greg.

Now, over 55 years later, the restaurant and truck stop have become truly iconic.

What's your favorite meal at Dysart's?  The pot roast?  The chicken pot pie?  Pancakes?  Or maybe you just like their blueberry pie?

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