"I'm just at the best place in my life, folks -- musically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, everything," Chris Janson told The Boot and other outlets just before taking the Nissan Stadium stage during CMA Fest 2019.

It was the last day of the four-day music festival, and not only was Janson part of the closing night's lineup, but it was also his second consecutive night playing a stadium. The day before, Janson had supported headliner George Strait during the Buckeye Country Superfest at Columbus, Ohio's Ohio Stadium, part of a roster of opening acts that also included Blake Shelton, Midland and RaeLynn.

"It was gigantic," Janson said of that show. "This was my first time ever having two stadium shows back-to-back, and it's a huge blessing."

Looking ahead to the second of those back-to-back performances, the singer added that the opportunity to play CMA Fest came to him at a time when everything else in his career also seemed to be going well. "I just feel like things are really going our way," he went on to say. "It's good to be back up here on the big stage. It's good to be playing a full set. I'm proud of it."

In his personal life, too, Janson has much to be proud of: The singer married his wife, Kelly Lynn Janson, in 2010, and the two are parents to four children, two they had together, and two from Kelly's previous marriage, whom Janson often refers to as his "bonus kids." Kelly also serves as Janson's manager, and the couple works hard to make sure all six family members can be together as much as possible, despite Janson's hectic touring schedule.

"I would not wanna do it without them, to be honest with you," Janson explains, adding that these days, the whole family often joins him on tour. "I don't feel comfortable traveling without Kelly. And I don't feel comfortable working without Kelly; therefore, she is my manager."

Still, the singer and his wife try not to force their children into anything. "I think we don't ever try to impress what we do upon them. It just is kind of a lifestyle," he relates. "They can go if they want to, and they don't have to go if they don't want to, that kind of thing. But we travel as a unit because we're a family, and that's what families are supposed to do. They're supposed to spend time with one another."

Plus, Janson says, his kids are too strong-willed to go along passively with a plan they don't like. "I can assure you, our kids are so individualistic that they raise us just as much as, if not more than, we raise them," he jokes. "They're pretty awesome kids."

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