This week, country music's newest videos take fans behind the scenes, celebrate the greats of the genre, act out Indiana Jones-inspired fantasies, and much more. Read on to watch them all!

Chris Young, “Raised on Country”: 

In his new "Raised on Country” music video, Chris Young does not disappoint. It was filmed at Rosie's Twin Kegs (an old Nashville dive bar) and the historic WSM Radio Tower (both inside the vocal booth and outside around the tower). Those locations feel perfectly picked, as the singer name checks country greats like Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Joe Diffie and George Strait. Peter Zavadil directed the video which also features Young's touring bandmates Kevin Collier and Ryan Haas.

“As a member of the Opry, I was honored to be allowed to film ‘Raised On Country’ in and around the WSM Radio Tower and the same airwaves where songs from my musical icons have played over the years,” shares Young in a press release. “It was a long day and I had a lot of fun filming the video, even in the scenes where we had debris flying in our faces inside the studio.” The debris is ... what happens when Young's music begins traveling the airwaves. You'll see. -- CV

Maren Morris Feat. Brandi Carlile, “Common”:

In the music video for "Common," Maren Morris and Brandi Carlile give fans something that never gets old: Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of "Common." The video begins with a FaceTime chat between the two singers. Then the magic happens: the video shows they recorded in two separate studios, each intensely focused on delivering her trademark strong vocals. The music video concludes with the song's live debut at Carlile’s Girls Just Wanna Weekend destination festival in Mexico, and we finally see Morris and Carlile together in-person.

This won't be all you see of Carlile and Morris together. They, along with Amanda Shires, are teaming up for musical supergroup, the Highwomen. -- CV

Charlie Daniels Feat. the Beau Weevils, "Mexico Again":

Charlie Daniels teams up with the Beau Weevils for the rowdy music video of "Mexico Again," which kicks off with Daniels and the Weevils in the studo and spins out to gritty, vintage-feeling images of a small Mexican town where the classic international outlaw story unfolds. Daniels provided real-life inspiration for the song and video, as it happens.

"Well, there's actually more than a little autobiographical stuff in 'Mexico Again,'" Daniels says in a press release. "I really did get put in jail in Juarez, Mexico back in my wild, young, crazy days, and the U.S. border was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. So, you could say my motivation for writing the song was fact and fantasy." -- LS

Jim Lauderdale, "The Secrets of the Pyramids":

Jim Lauderdale does his very best Indiana Jones impersonation in the music video for "The Secrets of the Pyramids," appearing in a dimly lit library in a leather jacket and pouring through ancient manuscripts. Meanwhile, a well-dressed researcher (played by Elizabeth Cook) lures him in with her intellectual attraction. The video pays a sort of homage to Toto's "Africa" music video, as shots of Lauderdale and his band playing in the library are interspersed with images of the storyline as romance kindles between the bookish beauty and Lauderdale. -- LS

Mumford & Sons, "Beloved":

Mumford and Sons deliver a story of loss and the healing that comes with acceptance, following a young boy through the untimely death of his young mother in the video for the song "Beauty." The gut-wrenching video was filmed in Port Talbot, Wales, a childhood haunt of the filmmaker for the video, Charlotte Regan, where the storyline captures mother and son living out one last day of happy times. Ultimately the day of mischief and fun is revealed as the wishful imagination of the boy, as he lets go of his mother and hangs on to the beautiful memories they made together, even the imaginary ones. -- LS

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