We have our Christmas traditions in the United States like Christmas cards, Christmas trees, stuffing stockings and many more. Not everyone around the world has the same traditions. Most countries celebrate Christmas but they do it in their own way.

In Argentina where it is warm their Christmas trees aren’t always the traditional fur, any tree might be made into a Christmas tree. Because it’s warm, they will decorate their trees with cotton balls to represent snow.

In China only about 1% of people celebrate Christmas and mostly in the big cities only. They do decorate cities with trees, lights and decorations but few people have a tree in their home and if they do it’s usually plastic.

In Egypt 15% of people celebrate the holiday because that’s the percentage of the population that is Christians. Christmas Day is not celebrated on December 25th though; it is on January 7th which is the traditional day for Orthodox Christians.

In Italy the nativity crib scene is very popular. The cribs are put out on December 8th and a figure of baby Jesus is put in the crib on the evening of December 24th. Some crib scenes like the Neapolitan cribs not only have characters and figures from the Christmas Story but also people from everyday life, some have over 600 objects on it.