We all need to realize how blessed we are to live in a state that has a coastline dotted with really cool seaside towns.  If you love hanging out by the ocean, there are dozens of small cities and towns to choose from.  And, each one is a little different.  Some are more upscale, featuring fancy hotels and restaurants.  Others are just blue collar towns that happen to have a few stores or restaurants that make them worth a visit.

One of the more well known of these towns in Boothbay Harbor.  If you have never had the pleasure of visiting, the place is definitely worth a few hours of your time.  The town, which is centered around the harbor, has dozens of unique shops, cool bars, and great restaurants.

It appears that one of those restaurants is now dealing with a bit of a legal problem.



Wharf Street Restaurant & Bar

Located at 16B Wharf Street, right in the heart of downtown, the restaurant is in a spot that had previously been home to The Mystic Mermaid.  After that, for a time, it was a Mediterranean restaurant.

According to the Boothbay Register, the restaurant came up on Monday night's meeting of the town board of selectmen.  It had been brought to their attention that the restaurant did not have all of the licenses required by the State of Maine.

As a result, the board voted 4 to 0 (with one member not voting) to pull the victualer's license for the restaurant.

What license or licenses was the business missing?  According to the article, the state health inspector had reportedly informed the Boothbay Harbor town manager that the restaurant and bar did not have a license through the state’s health inspection program.

Of course, once the restaurant gets the needed documents and license it should be no problem for them to re-open.

You can follow the restaurant on Facebook.

On a personal note, I had a chance to take the family to the restaurant in the summer of 2022.  We ate on the deck, and had a few beers.  Overall, it was a great experience.

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