It's kind of appropriate that IHOP decided to debut their new coffee flavored pancakes on the week of National Coffee Day.  But, not a big surprise, these go way beyond just being coffee flavored pancakes.

There's four different types and they all look awesome!

According to PR Newswire, the Latte Lovers flavors are:

  • Espresso Mocha Cream – Chocolate pancakes with mocha cream in the middle and topped with chocolate-covered espresso beans
  • Salted Caramel Java – Buttermilk pancakes topped with real coffee bean-infused butter and covered in salted caramel
  • Double Vanilla – Buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla bean cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Pumpkin Spice –An annual favorite, pumpkin pancakes made with real pumpkin and spices crowned with a creamy whipped topping

I love everything they have at IHOP, but it's hard for me to call these pancakes.  I'm a pancake purist...  Buttermilk with some blueberries tossed in the mix.

But, then again, I feel the same way about Oreos that are anything but chocolate cookies with sugar cream in the middle.  So, what do I know?

And, I definitely will be giving these a try the next time I get to IHOP.  I'll probably start with the Espresso Mocha Cream and go from there...


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