The plane has sat for 35 years and needs a new engine but the interior looks exactly the way Elvis designed it. Red velvet seats, shag carpet and wood paneling interior. According to, it’s a one was once featured on National Geographic and has been a huge tourist attraction.


Lee Brice is asking for help in finding his two dogs. They both escaped from his Farm in Tennessee. The farm is about 40 minutes outside of Nashville and Brice is asking his fans for help in finding Knox and Jax. According to the dogs have not been found yet.


Olivia Newton-John has had to postpone her June U.S. and Canadian concert dates because her breast cancer has returned. On she was originally diagnosed with the disease in 1992 and seemed to be cancer free. The 68 year old Newton-John opened the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia, said she is confident she will return to the stage later this year.


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