A judge has ruled in Kid Rock’s favor as far as naming his tour. He will be allowed to name his 2018 tour, as he originally planned, Greatest Show on Earth Tour. A lawsuit was filed by Feld Entertainment in December. Feld owns the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which used The Greatest Show on Earth as its slogan for decades. On tasteofcountry.com Rock did say he would change the name to American Rock n Roll Tour so there is no word if he will use that name or the original.


Country singer Lari White who had a string of hits in the 90’s passed yesterday (Jan.23) at the age of 52. White hit the country charts in 1994 with hits like, That’s My baby, Now I Know and That’s How You Know You’re in Love. According to tasteofcountry.com White was in the movies too with a role in the Ton Hanks movie Castaway. White died after a battle with cancer.


The Eric Church album Mr. Misunderstood has earned platinum status selling more than 1 million units. On tasteofcountry.com that album was the 2016 CMA album of the year.

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