Keith Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman won a Golden Globe award last night for Best Actress in a limited TV series for Big Little Lies and she had some nice words for her hubby. According to Kidman said: ‘When my cheek is against yours, everything melts away, and that is love. It’s true. I love you so much.’ She addressed him directly from the stage.


John Rich of Big & Rich celebrated his 43rd birthday yesterday (Jan. 7) and used the occasion to introduce his new Redneck Riviera whiskey. On Rich say before he could put his stamp of approval on the whiskey he had to run it by someone very important, his grandma. Rich says she is the greatest whiskey drinker he personally knows. He says she has been a whiskey drinker longer than he has so he trusts her ‘taste of approval.’ Granny Rich ended up telling her grandson that the whiskey was a lot smoother than any other that she'd ever had.


Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox escaped injury when his bus caught fire on Saturday morning (Jan. 6). The singer and his brother were traveling on the singer's bus to Louisiana, where they planned to go hunting, when the blaze started. He and his brother put the fire out and LeVox said it could have been a lot worse if the ammunition would have caught on fire.

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