Tim McGraw is back home t in the U.S. after her collapsed on stage in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday night. According to theboot.com McGraw said the cause of his collapse was 'lots of flying and dehydration.' McGraw also said he needs to cut his workouts a little shorter. McGraw appeared in good shape and healthy.


Brantley Gilbert's tour bus caught on fire on Monday afternoon. according to theboot.com no one was injured and Gilbert approached the whole thing with a sense of humor. He went to social media to say 'Hey y'all, adding pyro back into the set, working out details now.'

Cam will hit the road in the spring of this year and wants to play more cozy venues to get up close and personal with her fans. Theboot.com says the name of the tour will be 'Listening Room Series Tour.' It will kickoff in Portland, Ore. and run through May 10. Several stops will be in California and a couple in New York but nothing here in Maine.

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