Thanks to people who are bitter, nasty, Scrooge-like haters of fun and good things, kid run lemonade stands keep getting reported to authorities, fined and shut down.

No, really. There are actually real humans (also see; adult bullies) that do this. And they suck, for the record. Here are some examples: Denver, CO, Overton, TX, Ballston Spa, NY.

Famous lemonade brand, Country Time, owned by Kraft, has had enough of these salty dictators. They want to encourage entrepreneurship in kids so they are sending a message and that message is this: Make those stands! If you get fined, no problem! We'll pay for it!

Here's how it works. If you have a child under the age of 14 who has received a fine from running a lemonade stand without a permit in 2018 or 2019, take a photo of the fine and have your kiddo write about what the stand means to them.

Perhaps you went through the legal hoops and did get a permit. Country Time is also offering reimbursement for the permits. Again. all they ask for is a photo and a write-up from your child.

Once these steps are done you can submit the required information to from now until September 2nd or until the allocated $30,000 for this cause runs out. Once approved, you will receive the amount of your fine or permit up to $300!

So fight the power, kids! Country Time has your back! At least for the summer! Some restrictions apply so get the official rules here.

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