A crematorium in Richmond, Virginia caught fire one day last week. Of course they use fire at a crematorium to turn bodies into ash but in this instance workers were trying to cremate an oversize body that started the blaze.

At Southside Cremation Services they had to cremate an 800 pound man and it was the oversize corpse that caught the roof of the building on fire. The large amount of fat on the body created excessive heat an oil that overheated the smoke stack, catching the roof on fire.

No one was injured and it took firefighters only about few minutes to extinguish the fire. The body was so large the body fat came off and went right up the smoke stack and hit the roof causing the blaze.

The crematorium is known in the Virginia area for handling large people but have never had some this large. The damage will be repaired within a few days and they will get back to business as usual.